2022 Metaverse Development Project

2022 Metaverse Development Project

Bibimble unveiled its latest metaverse platform, "bicus," a fully customizable metaverse browser developed with the backing of South Korean government, which is in the midst of an open development trial run ahead of its official launch.

The new platform - developed with the support of the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea and set up under the "2022 metaverse development project" conducted by the Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA) - allows users to create their own metaverse using its unique metaverse builder.

Its user-friendly and expandable features have caught the attention of private and government entities.

Creative users of bicus can set up their metaverse according to their specifics and design, uploading images, videos, 3D models, and various features within the virtual area. Users can also freely surf through other metaverses within the platform. Bibimble will be able to provide platform operators with constant updates of sustainable technical infrastructure that will provide a constant source of enjoyment for their users.

During its pre-launch trial run, Bibimble's bicus showcases an exhibition tool using metaverse scanning technology, which allows operators to create high-resolution 3D exhibits with a smartphone or a tablet PC, thus providing visitors with a realistic and immersive experience within the virtual world.

Bibimble demonstrated its technology to global theme park representatives at the 2022 Global Association for the Attractions Industry (IAAPA) Expo held in Orlando, Florida, on November 15-18.

Bibimble's COO Jun Young Bang noted "bicus" is ready for an official launch as a constantly updated platform service.