ONEUS razor-sharp dance performances

The 'iconic 4th generation performer' ONEUS will once again show why it is an irreplaceable entity in K-POP with its razor-sharp dance performances.

RBW (KRX:361570) artist ONEUS (Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion) will release its 9th mini album 'PYGMALION' on various music streaming websites today (May 8 KST). This is the group's comeback in approximately eight months since the release of the group's 8th mini album 'MALUS' and just like the 'Pygmalion effect' that brings good results from good expectations and positive thoughts, the album's title contains the message of the group's intent to break free from the past and be reborn.

The album's title track 'ERASE ME' is an emo-pop song combined with the sounds of orchestra and EDM. The song starts off quiet in resemblance of the past with endless void and as the song progresses further, the melody surges and explodes like a supernova towards the end. The song features a strong beat that reminds the fans of the songs from the early days of ONEUS along with more mature vocals from the members of the group to make the song more addictive. This song announces the coming of the '42WORLD' which transcends across generations as the 4th generation group captures the sentimentality of the 2nd generation group.

The music video released with the song depicts the story of the members of ONEUS waking up their emotions deep inside and finding their true selves. After losing their liveliness under the pressure of conflicting emotions within, they bring warmth to each other's hands and step forward towards new hope. The detailed facial expressions and acting of the members in a minimum yet abstract space brings much immersiveness to the music video.

The 'PYGMALION' album also features five tracks in total consisting of 'Intro: LETHE', which expresses the perils of pain through a melody combining cellos and violins, 'Unforgettable,' which features a rhythmical sound that reminds us of our best days like in a movie, 'ECHO.' which features singing voices of the group's members as if they are whispering of love and 'Halley's Comet,' which expresses the faint memory of the moment when you fall in love. And Leedo was listed in the credits for the track 'ECHO' as he unveils his further developed musical talents.

'PYGMALION' is an album that shows the emotions and the process of overcoming hardships of ONEUS since making its debut five years ago. Especially, ONEUS intends to present such elements through their performance with 'ERASE ME' and to reaffirm their reputation as the 'iconic 4th generation performer.' The energetic group dance unique to ONEUS will feature a fatal and sexy choreography that will remind the fans once again why they are a group worth watching.

Meanwhile, ONEUS will release the 9th mini album 'PYGMALION' on various music streaming websites at 6PM today (May 8 KST) and begin performing live on the stage with the title track 'ERASE ME.'