XODIAC Concert in Amsterdam on May 30 2023

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd., an entertainment technology company with a global network that focuses on the application of technology and artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry, has recently announced a magnificent concert to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on May 30, 2023 in collaboration with the new-generation super idol group, XODIAC. XODIAC officially debuted on April 25, 2023 in South Korea, and the Amsterdam concert will be their first official group performance following their debut. The touring sponsor, Color Star, will also join XODIAC in bringing an exciting audio-visual feast to fans and audiences.

XODIAC is the first K-POP idol group created by OCJ NEWBIES, a rookie label under One Cool Jacso Entertainment. Their debut song, "THROW A DICE," which was released on April 25, 2023, quickly went viral on major social media platforms, and the 9 members of the group have skyrocketed in popularity. XODIAC had previously released their first pre-debut song, "CALLING," in March 2023, which already caused a sensation, especially with the announcement of their first 6 members, including the group leader LEX, Hong Kong member SING, and four Korean members HYUNSIK, WAIN, BEOMSOO, and DAVIN. The announcement of three additional members in their debut release, "THROW A DICE," including LEO from Hong Kong, ZAYYAN from Indonesia, and Korean member GYUMIN, also quickly garnered attention. On the day of their showcase held in South Korea, XODIAC met their fans through a YouTube live stream, marking their first interaction with fans worldwide, and their popularity has since soared.

The Amsterdam concert marks an important milestone for XODIAC, and the group is tirelessly rehearsing to deliver a spectacular performance. As the sponsor of the Amsterdam concert, Color Star places great importance to XODIAC's debut performance, which embodies the spirit of "ruling the stage from the start." Color Star plans to assemble its most professional and experienced team to arrange every detail of the concert. Color Star CEO, Louis, stated, "Color Star is delighted to be the touring sponsor of XODIAC's concert, and the first performance in Amsterdam will be very significant. With our extensive experience and resources in the concert industry, we will make the most of this concert to launch the Color Star Music series of events globally. This year is the year for us to revive our offline concerts, and we will ignite the public's attention around the world, while also gaining significant box office and commercial revenue.

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