Pioneer AI-Enabled Edge Cloud Connectivity via Satellite

Mangata Networks, a global company offering satellite-enabled connectivity & intelligent edge computing solutions, has signed a partnership with Microsoft aimed at developing an AI-enabled edge cloud product connected via satellite. This partnership represents a long-term commitment between Mangata Networks and Microsoft, marking the beginning of a sustained collaborative journey aimed at continuously advancing cloud technology through innovative satellite connectivity.

Partnership Accelerates Azure Adaptive Cloud Adoption

Mangata will provide seamless connectivity and intelligent cloud computing services around the globe, bringing the benefits of Azure innovation anywhere in the world.

The network is powered by a multi-orbit constellation of HEO (highly elliptical orbit) and MEO (medium Earth orbit) satellites and a terrestrial network of edge data centers.

"We are thrilled to develop this transformative product in strategic collaboration with Microsoft, further enriching the Microsoft commercial marketplace ecosystem. Microsoft's direct sales channels will play a crucial role in scaling our innovative solutions to enterprises globally. Our offering is not just a product but an all-encompassing network, infrastructure, platform, and software service. With capacity bundled into the service, we provide a seamless, integrated SLA that simplifies the adoption of our services for customers." said Brian Holz, CEO of Mangata Networks. "This is more than a partnership; it is a long-term alliance set to redefine how enterprises leverage the cloud and intelligent edge compute."

Innovative Features and SLAs Redefining Edge Cloud Connectivity and Business Transformation

A core element of the partnership is a deep commitment to innovation, where Mangata Networks will collaborate with Microsoft and execute against an integrated Edge-to-Space-to-Cloud product roadmap.

Leveraging Microsoft's generative AI and data analytics capabilities, Mangata will, in close collaboration with Microsoft, re-imagine the entire product innovation lifecycle. These efforts will include integrating AI capabilities end-to-end; from customer and partner feedback and requirements definition through to how we roadmap, create, code, test, deploy, run, and support customer solutions. This initiative will result in delivering Azure adaptive cloud solutions, specifically designed to address unique and complex business problems at the edge, enabling and accelerating customer outcomes in a culturally sensitive way.

Mangata's managed service will extend the geographical reach and functionality of Azure adaptive cloud. These collaborative solutions will deliver an array of innovative features, including AI-enhanced network routing at the edge, remote bandwidth optimization, workload management, real-time data processing, digital twin support, advanced satellite backhaul management, end-to-end cloud-edge IoT applications, 5G integration standardization, and multivendor sub-system integration (for example, ORAN and RAN-based equipment).

The Mangata and Microsoft solution using Azure will be made available through the Azure Marketplace, offering end-to-end application-level Service Level Agreements (SLA) with bundled connectivity. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless experience for users seeking advanced and integrated solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will position Mangata as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) on the Azure platform. This move will empower Mangata's growth trajectory, with Microsoft providing substantial support in terms of technology, resources, engineering, as well as go-to-market backing.

Processing Data at the Best Location

With powerful edge compute and data management capabilities, customers can process data where it is created, reducing latency and time-to-insight by hosting advanced analytics and AI-inferencing at the edge. Valuable data, previously discarded due to lack of available bandwidth, can now be sent to cloud services like Microsoft Fabric, an end-to-end, unified analytics platform that brings together all the data and analytics tools organizations need -where it can be used to train and retrain AI models- to yield deeper operational insights.

For highly regulated organizations and governments, and for geographies with strict data sovereignty rules, applications can process sensitive data at the edge, keeping it within national or regional boundaries and only sending what is allowed to the public cloud.

"In collaboration with Mangata, we look forward to delivering an end-to-end Cloud and Edge platform to enterprise and government customers. This platform will enable business and mission critical applications anywhere with committed availability through satellite connectivity. Mangata will leverage Microsoft's portfolio of Microsoft Azure Space and Azure for Operators to run their satellites' constellation and edge platform. This collaboration is key for our continued commitment to empower our customers with intelligent, secure, and resilient technology." said Mitra Azizirad, President and Chief Operating Officer, for Growth, Innovation and Strategy, Microsoft Strategic Missions and Technologies.

Addressing Global Challenges and Closing the Digital Divide

This collaboration is set to address critical challenges on a global scale related to sovereign state requirements, enterprise innovation, maritime and digital ocean transformation, data gravity, and telecommunications access and capacity needs. Mangata's mission to empower the exchange of knowledge through global connectivity and to revolutionize access to the digital economy aligns with the Airband Initiative, a collaboration between Microsoft and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) focused on closing the global digital divide by bringing internet access to all.

A New Era of AI-enabled Edge Cloud Computing

The pilot phase of the pre-integrated solutions in customer trial networks is scheduled to commence in the late 2nd quarter of 2024, ahead of Mangata's planned constellation launch.

This initiative is poised to revolutionize the way businesses and governments worldwide harness the power of edge cloud connectivity through satellite technology. Together, Microsoft and Mangata will create a new platform for highly reliable, scalable, and robust IoT and SCADA applications at the edge, all connected to and managed by Azure. The collaboration marks a significant step toward a more connected, intelligent, and accessible future. This collaboration is not just a milestone but a starting point for a long-term journey between Mangata Networks and Microsoft, where both entities are committed to a lasting partnership that evolves with technological advancements.

About Mangata

Mangata Networks is a global, satellite-enabled network services and intelligent edge computing company. Founded in February 2020, Mangata has operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and South Korea. Mangata is backed by an international group of investors including venture capital firms, economic development groups, and strategic partners.

Powered by a multi-orbit constellation and terrestrial network of intelligent data centers, Mangata provides secure, high-speed, low-latency connectivity that is affordable and accessible to all. With AI-enabled computing at the edge of the network, our customers can access cloud applications under a unified, global, and secure system – anywhere in the world.

About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT" @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Elevate Your Seoul Experience: Wellness and Fitness Activities in Korea

In an era where wellness takes center stage in travel, more and more travellers are seeking nature-infused and health-conscious activities for their holidays. From hiking and spa retreats to yoga and meditation, the options are endless. For those planning a visit to Seoul, Korea, here are our top seven picks for nature, wellness, and fitness activities that promise to rejuvenate both body and soul.

1. Hiking at Cheonggyesan Mountain

Seoul boasts a plethora of hiking trails, each offering distinct scenic vistas and historical richness, catering to various fitness levels. Among them, Cheonggyesan Mountain stands out as our top recommendation. Unlike the more challenging Bukhansan National Park, Cheonggyesan offers a simpler, yet equally rewarding ascent. With no ropes required, hikers can navigate well-maintained trails through dense forests, culminating in the awe-inspiring Maebong peak (582m) and its breathtaking views. After conquering the peak, savor a well-deserved meal at one of the nearby excellent restaurants.

2. Immerse Yourself in a Korean Traditional Spa, Jjimjilbang

Unlike the intimate confines of a Japanese onsen, a Korean Traditional Spa is a sprawling multi-story complex designed for social bonding among friends and families. It provides an array of facilities and services to rejuvenate both body and spirit. From medicinal hot and cold baths with skin-nourishing properties to rejuvenating sauna rooms (jade, charcoal, salt, oxygen, and more) that enhance metabolism and blood flow, the experience is transformative. Indulge in a sports massage, invigorating Korean scrub, or simply relax in the sleeping quarters. The result? A revitalized and refreshed you.

3. Luxuriate in a Renowned Korean Herbal Medicinal Spa

Experience the opulence and therapeutic benefits of a Korean herbal medicinal spa, set within the opulent environs of the Royal Palace of the Joseon Dynasty. Relish a red ginseng foot bath, an embodiment of rejuvenation. Choose from the premium Korean Herbal Medicinal Anti-aging Spa or the Contemporary Korean Medicinal Balance Spa, offering a range of body and facial treatments utilizing premium products, advanced techniques, and specialized tools (such as jade applicators). Post-treatment, explore the exclusive product selection and savor a selection of teas and iced mochi at the Rooftop Tea Cafe, overlooking a panoramic park vista.

4. Enhance Well-being with a Nourishing Ginseng Meal

Korean Ginseng, globally revered for its health benefits, has been cherished for centuries. It boasts metabolism-boosting properties, heightened immunity, enhanced mental acuity, stress relief, and much more. Why not indulge in the popular and nourishing Korean ginseng chicken soup during your Korean holiday? Additionally, the black-toned chicken, once reserved for royalty, is lauded in Oriental medicine texts for its blood-purifying and stamina-enhancing qualities.

5. Cycle Along the Refreshing Breezes of Hangang River

The Hangang (Han River) bears witness to millennia of Korean history. Embark on a cycling adventure along the riverside track, allowing you to witness the river's transformative beauty. For water enthusiasts, a range of options awaits – from duck boats, row boats, to motor speed boats. Alternatively, scale a rock wall for a panoramic view of the Hangang, or test your skills at a skate park. Hangang Park promises an array of exhilarating outdoor activities.

6. Revel in the Han River Vista from the Railway Bridge

Escape the usual tourist hustle and bustle by spending leisurely moments walking across the railway bridge, offering a unique vantage point of the stunning Han River below. Conveniently connected to subway stations at either end, this journey is effortlessly accessible. Take the elevator from the bridge to Hangang Park below, completing a truly memorable experience.

7. Attain Inner Harmony with a Temple Stay

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery through the unique Korean Buddhist tradition of temple stay. Immerse yourself in the daily life of monastic practitioners within a city temple, purifying mind and body on a quest for self-realization.

Engage in these wellness and fitness activities to make the most of your Seoul adventure. From mountain vistas to royal spa treatments and cultural immersions, Korea beckons with a rich tapestry of experiences tailored to nurture your well-being. Embrace the journey towards a healthier, more rejuvenated you.

Discover the Marvels of South Korea - Top 10 Must-Visit Attractions

1. Nami Island, GANGWON

Nestled in the heart of Gangwon province, Nami Island captivates visitors with its picturesque landscapes. Famously known as the backdrop for the beloved Korean TV drama "Winter Sonata" (2002), this island is a true gem. Stroll along the tree-lined paths, reliving the romance that captured hearts worldwide.

2. Gyeongbokgung Palace, SEOUL

Step back in time at Gyeongbokgung Palace, the grandeur of ancient Korea. As the first and largest of the Five Grand Palaces, it boasts a rich history. Witness the awe-inspiring Changing of the Royal Guard Ceremony and delve deeper with free guided tours. Immerse yourself in the regal splendor of a bygone era.

3. Namsan Seoul Tower, SEOUL

An iconic symbol of Seoul, Namsan Seoul Tower offers unrivaled panoramic views of the city. Whether by day or night, the vistas are breathtaking. Wander through scenic walking paths and encounter countless love padlocks, each bearing its own story. This tower stands as a testament to the enduring love stories of Seoul.

4. Hwadam Botanic Garden, GYEONGGI

Discover a sanctuary in the heart of Gyeonggi province at Hwadam Botanic Garden. Nestled amidst valleys and foothills, it preserves the natural beauty of the region. A 1.2km long monorail guides you through this verdant oasis, allowing you to immerse yourself in the wonders of the plant kingdom.

5. Bukchon Hanok Village, SEOUL

Wander through the time-honored lanes of Bukchon Hanok Village, where over 900 traditional Korean houses, or hanoks, tell tales of the Joseon Dynasty. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Korean culture and capture the essence of history in every frame. This village offers a glimpse into the soul of Korea.

6. Insadong, SEOUL

In the heart of Seoul lies Insadong, a quaint neighborhood brimming with charm. Known for its treasure trove of souvenirs and pottery shops, it's a haven for collectors and appreciators of artisan crafts. Don't miss Ssamziegil, a popular cultural and shopping complex that beckons with its unique offerings.

7. Manjanggul Lava Tube, JEJU

Embark on a journey through geological wonders at the UNESCO-listed Manjanggul Lava Tube in Jeju. Stretching an impressive 7.4km, this natural marvel offers a rare glimpse into the Earth's ancient past. Traverse through one of the largest lava tubes in the world, formed millennia ago.

8. Gamcheon Culture Village, BUSAN

Behold the vibrant tapestry of Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan, often hailed as the 'The Santorini of South Korea'. Its mountainside streets are adorned with vividly-painted murals and captivating sculptures. Wander through this living canvas and witness the intersection of art, culture, and natural beauty.

9. Naejangsan National Park, JEOLLABUK

In the heart of Jeollabuk province lies Naejangsan National Park, a haven for autumn enthusiasts. Revel in the fiery hues of fall foliage that paint the landscape. Discover cascading waterfalls, ancient temples, and embark on a scenic cable car ride amidst nature's splendor.

10. Changdeokgung Palace & Secret Garden, SEOUL

Steeped in history, Changdeokgung Palace and its Secret Garden stand as testaments to the elegance of the Joseon Dynasty. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it exudes a timeless grace. Wander through the lush gardens, surrounded by the serenity of nature.

Pro Tip*: While English may not be widely spoken, the younger generation, particularly those aged 25 and below, are eager to help and communicate in English. Approach them with warmth, and you'll find a wealth of assistance and camaraderie.

Everyday Korea Challenge in NY

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is pleased to announce the production of a captivating four-part digital K-Variety program, titled 'Everyday Korea Challenge,' as a part of its ongoing Everyday Korea campaign. The captivating series aims to engage mainstream American audiences by showcasing the vibrant essence of Korean culture and entertainment. Renowned K-pop artist Eric Nam and four influential personalities from the United States will be featured.

K-Variety, known as 'yeh-neung' in Korean, offers a diverse range of captivating and unscripted entertainment content. These shows offer an intriguing glimpse into everyday life in Korea, providing a unique window into the country's vibrant culture.

Korean entertainment content has garnered immense attention from North American audiences, thanks to globally acclaimed K-Pop groups like BTS and Black Pink, as well as highly regarded movies and dramas such as "Parasite" and "Squid Game." The popularity of K-Variety programs such as "Running Man" in Korea has led to the creation of similar shows like "Jinny's Kitchen" on Amazon and several highly-rated unscripted Netflix programs, which have also garnered significant popularity while showcasing the diverse allure of Korean culture.

The 'Everyday Korea Challenge' aims to ignite the imagination of travelers by presenting a digital K-Variety program that takes viewers on four distinct travel experiences in Korea. Guided by Eric Nam, the program invites four influential personalities from the U.S. and challenges them to fully immerse themselves in thoughtfully curated travel encounters.

The series showcases four distinct experiences: 'Popular K-Culture,' 'Authentic K-Food,' 'Modern K-Luxury,' and 'Splendid K-Heritage.' Each episode features a different travel influencer, highlighting their unique journey through Korea. The featured influencers include xCeleste, a popular YouTuber with a dedicated K-Pop channel, LivingBobby, one of the leading travel YouTubers, BrettConti, a traveling entrepreneur, and LexieLimitless, the youngest person to set the Guinness World Record for visiting all countries.

Each episode of the "Everyday Korea Challenge" begins with Eric Nam introducing his recommended Everyday Korea experiences, followed by his challenge to the influencers to partake in them all. The influencers then embark on their respective journeys, documenting their adventures through vlogs on their individual channels as they explore the wonders of Korea.

The 'Everyday Korea Challenge' reflects the theme of KTO's global campaign, 'Challenge Korea,' which features Emmy-winning actor Lee Jung-Jae from "Squid Game" encouraging viewers to embrace the diverse aspects of Korea.

"Recently, we unveiled an AI-powered advertising campaign called 'Everyday Korea,' offering four themed travel experiences tailored to individuals interests," said Jaesok Park, Executive Director at the Korea Tourism Organization New York Office. "This digital series provides viewers with a chance to immerse themselves in the essence of Korea through the perspective of American influencers who share a genuine interest in Korea."

For an opportunity to win a trip to Korea, participants can enter sweepstakes on the campaign's website, By entering, you not only stand a chance to win two airline tickets but also gain valuable insights about the 'Everyday Korea Challenge' and the enticing travel experiences that await in Korea.

About Korea Tourism Organization

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is an organization of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST). KTO serves the interests of Korea's tourism economy by marketing the country as an all-season visitor destination. Fascinating history, rich culture, amazing food, and friendly people combine to make South Korea one of the most visited countries. The Visit Korea Year 2023-2024 campaign promoting K-Culture includes events involving K-pop concerts, e-sports, Korean food, cultural heritages, K-Travel Road Shows packages, and promotions all year round to boost visitors to Korea. Located in East Asia, South Korea is a country of contrasts, with tourist attractions ranging from ancient mountaintop Buddhist temples such as Bulguksa Temple to the ultra-modern skyscrapers as Lotte World Tower in Seoul.