All about Park Bo-gum

All about Park Bo-gum

Park Bo Gumchas is a whole Korean legend. This artist from Seoul has appeared in a range of roles in both television and film. His popularity sparked among the young crowd due to his tenure as a co-host on popular music program "Music Bank" which turned him into the cool kid from the blow. But his popularity is not limited to youngsters.

Park Bo is also beloved by women who have supposed his roles in K-drama.

Some of his most important appearances include his role as a psychopathic lawyer in Hello Monster (2015), a genius Go player in Reply 1988 (2015), and a Joseon Crown Prince in Love in the Moonlight (2016).

The actor has received numerous awards and nominations including winning "Top Excellence in Acting" at KBS Drama Awards. He broke a record in 2016 when he was named "Actor of the Year" by Gallup Korea, becoming the youngest actor to rank first in the survey's history.

Here are some of his quotes which have been treasure by his fans:

"My father told me to ‘Always live truthfully'. And he also told me that ‘You have to live while staying truthful to your original intention'. ‘You have to go with what you first believed in, in order to have no regrets.' He also told me that ‘Even if you fail while living like that, it will all just be an experience and if you succeed then it'll be a memory."

"I don't take back words that I have spoken; I take responsibility for them."

Many fans treasure his words in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

: "Do not forget. If I only had one person in the world that I could trust, it would still be you."

"If you ever need to let go of something in the middle of a tough situation, can you promise me that it won't be me?"

"When I see you, I get angry. But that won't do, because I don't see you, I get even angrier. Like I'll go crazy. So, stay by my side."

"Even if we were spun in circles, we were fated to meet each other."

"Thank you for teaching me that the sincerity of love can create miracles."

"Maybe I push you away to see if you care enough to pull me back..."

When Park Bo Gum was asked a question during the 2016 Style Icon Awards, he replied

"if it's someone that I love, I think she'll look pretty no matter what she wears."

"When you open up a path, you must also open the gate at the end of the path."

"There's no need to ask me for favors, since I would do anything for you."

"If there's someone you miss, you have to meet that person."

"Do you know how worried I was that when I opened my eyes, the person in front of me wouldn't be you? When I held on to you, I hesitated for so long, in case it wasn't you."