PSY establishing new P Nation

PSY establishing new P Nation

P Nation is a South Korean Record Label and Entertainment agency, founded by Park Jae-sang also known as PSY. It was founded on January 24 2019 but still lives on in 2021.

Park Jae-sang (stage name: PSY) is a singer, songwriter, producer, and now the CEO of his own agency "P Nation", PSY is globally known as the mega-hit K-pop singer of "Gangnam Style", "Gentleman", and "Daddy" featuring 2NE1 member, and now a soloist CL. He debuted on the 18th of January year 2001 with his first album titled "PSY from the Psycho World". Prior to his debut, he also appeared on Cho PD’s album "Stardom Version 2.0" in the year 1999. He also had a collaboration with Kim Jang Hoon for "Ring for Me One Again" and "Once Again, Republic of Korea" last 2010. PSY also composed Lee Seunggi’s "Because You’re My Woman", and Seo In Young’s "Cinderella". PSY has been recognized as one of the major contributors of Hallyu Wave all over the world, with the rise of his record-breaking "Gangnam Style" which has currently over 3 billion views and counting on YouTube, Hallyu Wave definitely rose to the top, making it a well-known around the world, gaining his worldwide fame.

On 24th of May year 2018, PSY was reported leaving YG Entertainment. After few rumors that the singer is reportedly establishing his own agency, on 23rd of January 2019, it was officially announced via Instagram that the entertainment label would be widely known as P Nation Entertainment.


Ho Hyunju (stage name: Jessi). The former Lucky J member and a soloist were announced as the first artist to signed up to the entertainment, a day after the entertainment was established. She is known as a multi-talented singer and a rapper. Under the agency, she had released two singles titled "Who Dat B" and "Drip".

Kim Hyuna (stage name: HyunA). A former member of the K-pop Girl Group 4Minute and a former solo artist under Cube Entertainment. She was known to be a co-starred in PSY’s Gangnam Style music video in 2012, making her known as International Star and continues to rise after 4Minute disbandment. In 2018, Hyuna left Cube Entertainment after the company decided to terminate her contract from the label due to her relationship announcement with E’Dawn, a member of the K-pop boy band Pentagon under the same label. It was announced that the couple signed in under P Nation 2 days after the label was established.

Kim Hyojong (stage name: Dawn). Formerly known as E’Dawn, is a rapper, songwriter, composer, and a former member of the K-pop boy band Pentagon, and a member of a co-ed group Triple H, both under Cube Entertainment. E’Dawn debuted with Pentagon and Triple H from 2016 to 2017. In 2018, After the relationship with Hyuna was announced in public, Cube Entertainment has decided to terminate his contract following his relationship announcement. After a year, it was reported that E’Dawn, together with his girlfriend Hyuna announced that they had signed in under P Nation. In October 2019, PSY posted the photo of the couple through Instagram that their singles of both artists are done. Since then, E’Dawn’s stage name was changed as Dawn, On the 28th of October, the teaser photos of his solo debut single entitled "Money" were released.

Shin Hyoseob (stage name: CRUSH). He is a singer-songwriter, producer, one half-duo of "Masterpiece" (with Cheetah). He debuted as a soloist on 2014 of April 1st with the singles titled "Sometimes". He also released two other singles titled "Red Dress" and "Crush on You". CRUSH left Amoeba Culture agency after the end of his six-year contract. On the 17th of July 2019, It was announced that CRUSH signed under P Nation Entertainment.

P Nation also has Male and Female trainees, under the 20s, who are preparing to debut in a girl group or boy group. Also, Sports Seoul, a Korean media reported that PSY is currently recruiting Male and Female trainees to join the label. Insider has mentioned and revealed that the CEO is actively scouting and holding auditions to become trainees that wanted to join under P Nation. Auditions are also held in well-known vocal and dance academies in Korea. In addition, it was also mentioned by the insider that some trainees from a well-known entertainment company had decided to join P Nation. But PSY has mentioned that the entertainment will be known as a home of hip-hop artists, making Hip-hop as the main component of the said label. Also, it is said that he will focus on mainstream music and great stage performances. Aside from that, PSY had recently opened his own office and scouted development manager from famous entertainment labels to join P Nation which will train the upcoming idol group.