Seungri Sex Scandal

Seungri Sex Scandal

Seungri's Sex Scandal

K-pop star Seungri - best known as a member of South Korean boy band Big Bang - has been implicated in a sex scandal in Japan.

A Japanese tabloid magazine named ‘Friday' released a story with the suggestive title "Famous Hallyn Idol Group Big Bang's Seungri's Bed Photos Leaked", and uncovered revealing photos of a man who is supposed to be Seungri.

According to the magazine, these photos were taken by a woman who affirms that she spent a night with the idol member.

The article states: "Currently residing in Japan, Seungri's bed scandal was revealed... A woman who slept with him shared, ‘Seungri has the habit of choking (the other individual involved) during sexual intercourse." She also - allegedly - stated that he didn't even kiss her once.

Undeniably, with this sex scandal, the magazine has achieved a massive success in terms of readership. After hearing about Seungri's apparent sex scandal, netizens have been commenting with their own opinion on the issue, and most of them have expressed their disbelief in the publication's story.

Followingly, Seungri talked about this scandal on a TV show called ‘Incarnation‘. He stated: "I came onto the show because I thought I should let the public know about what happened during the scandal".

"It was the first time in history that an idol became the centre of a scandal like that. The magazine / tabloid I was published in is very famous. They don't even bother to talk about anyone who isn't famous. It was my first scandal, but it was so big. I was a bit scared and shocked. It think a lot of people started to think I was an adult because of that scandal."

He added: "To be honest, I was told about it being printed in the magazine a week beforehand. It's not printed on the internet, but printed at a factory. So I couldn't stop it even if I knew."

True or not, Seungri's scandal has had the same consequences Miley Cyrus's twerking has. If anything, it has put them both back on the map of the entertainment world.