August 2023 Krazy K-Pop Super Concert in NYC

Pulse Events, the company known for their renowned events bringing global music to New York has announced today their 'Krazy K-Pop Super Concert', the inaugural K-pop music event coming to UBS Arena at Belmont Park, located 30 minutes from Penn Station or Grand Central via LIRR, on Saturday, August 26. SHOWNU and HYUNGWON will officially perform as a unit of K-pop super group MONSTA X for their comeback at the state-of-the-art arena alongside girl group IVE. The chart-topping groups will be joined by other hitmakers AB6IX and Kwon Eun Bi. Tickets for the event on sale June 9 at

General admission tickets and VIP Packages will be available with pre-sale on June 8 at 10am EST and public on-sale on June 9 at 10am EST via Ticketmaster.

STAGECHECK VIP PACKAGE (event tickets sold separately)

- Early entry to the venue

- Designated check-in and on-site VIP event staff

- Access to pre-show artist stage-check

- Exclusive VIP gifts - Krazy Super Concert T-shirt & Krazy Super Concert LED Controlled pendant w/ Lanyard)

- Pre-show super concert & artist merchandise shopping opportunity

Recognized as one of the leading third generation K-pop male groups, MONSTA X has carefully curated a discography of hard-hitting singles and albums and attracted a massive number of fans worldwide. The Korean group is known for viral tracks such as "Beautiful Liar," "Play It Cool" with Steve Aoki, "Crescendo," and, most recently, "Deny" which catapulted onto the Billboard Hot Trending Songs list. Their latest EP, "REASON," released in January, 2023, saw all six songs reach the top ten on the Billboard charts as well. The award-winning group has performed in several festivals and international concerts across Europe, Asia, South & North America; with Las Vegas earlier this year. As well as being the only band from Korea to release two albums entirely in English, their hit songs, "WHO DO U LOVE?", "One Day" and "YOU CAN'T HOLD MY HEART" made MONSTA X the only K-pop band besides BTS to have three or more Top 40 U.S. pop singles. This performance also marks a comeback with group leader, SHOWNU, fresh from his stint in the Korean military and will showcase MONSTA X members as a duo with members SHOWNU and HYUNGWON.

Debuting on December 1st, 2021, IVE has become the face of 4th generation K-Pop girl groups. Their debut single "Eleven" has amassed 193 million music video views and 234 million streams on Spotify. The sextet are known for their viral hits "LOVE DIVE", "After LIKE", and "Kitsch" that have all taken social media by storm and created several TikTok trends. Their most recent album, 'I've I'VE' topped the Circle Album Chart with nearly 1.5 million units sold in its first week. Including 'I've I'VE', all of the group's single albums — "Eleven," "Love Dive," and "After Like" — have hit No. 1 on the Circle Album Chart. IVE's success extends into other industries including fashion, editorial, variety shows, emceeing, and more.

AB6IX debuted in 2019 under Brand New Music, consisting of members Woong, Donghyun, Woojin, and Daehwi. The group made a strong debut with their first EP titled "B:Complete" in 2019, which topped various music charts in South Korea, with lead single, "Breathe," garnering 22 million views. Their "B:Complete" album sold over 200,000 copies leading them to win "Rookie of the Year", "Best Icon Award" and "Next Generation Artist Award" in 2019. AB6IX has gained a strong following both domestically and internationally and have embarked on successful international tours and festivals, in various countries, including the United States, Europe, and Asia and an upcoming world tour.

Making her name as the Leader, Main Dancer, and Lead Vocalist of IZ*ONE, jack of all trades Kwon Eun Bi is making her U.S. debut with a bang. Making her solo introduction with EP "OPEN" in 2021, the album topped the iTunes Top K-pop Album Chart in Hong Kong and Singapore, top three in 17 countries, and all 6 tracks on the album were listed in the top 20 of Korea's major music site Bugs. The artist continues to make waves in the industry, with the recently released EP "Lethality" making headlines locally and internationally. Eun Bi boasts an impressive 411,000 monthly listeners, more than 2 million followers on social media and over 40 million music video views.

Bi-coastal events team, Pulse Events take their expertise to the world of K-Pop to deliver the first ever 'Krazy K-Pop Super Concert Series' as event producer. Known for their extravagant EDM based events featuring artists KSHMR, Yellow Claw, JVNA along with their work with huge names such as EXO and BIGBANG. With their mission to be pioneers of culture and media, the concert series will be the summertime's ultimate K-Pop experience that features the most popular artists, the most trendy music, the most authentic culture, and unparalleled fan engagement.

About Pulse Events

Based in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York City, Pulse Events is a proficient Event Producer and Promoter. The company specializes in concerts and live performances across North America and around the world. With a mission to be the pioneer of culture and media innovation, Pulse Events produces, manages, and promotes high-quality IP products for global audiences. These include music concerts, live performances, EDM events, night entertainment, and web3 metaverse events. Since its establishment in 2015, Pulse Events has participated in the production and hosting of world tours of many top South Korean artists. Within these artists include EXO, BIGBANG, T-ARA, Running Man, etc. To date, Pulse Events has hosted over 60 EDM performances, including SLANDER, Yellow Claw, Gryffin, KSHMR, Like Mike, DJ Soda, Tokyo Machine, KUURO, among others.

About UBS Arena

UBS Arena at Belmont Park is made for music and built for hockey. New York's newest premier entertainment and sports venue and home of the New York Islanders is developed in partnership with Oak View Group, the New York Islanders, and Jeff Wilpon. The state of the art arena opened in November 2021 and has welcomed numerous top artists including Harry Styles, Sebastian Maniscalco, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, TWICE, Eagles, John Mayer, Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone. The venue delivers an unmatched live entertainment experience for guests including clear sightlines and premier acoustics.

UBS Arena is at the forefront of sustainability, being awarded LEED Green Building Certification in January 2023. The venue also achieved carbon neutrality for operations in Fall 2022 which made it the first arena to do so on the eastern United States seaboard. For more information on the venue's sustainability efforts, please visit

Located on the historic grounds of Belmont Park, UBS Arena is located just 30 minutes by LIRR from Grand Central or Penn Station and is easily accessible from across the region via mass transit or car. To plan your trip, please visit

Representative K-pop co-ed group KARD releases new album

DSP Media's co-ed group KARD, whose members include BM, J.Seph, Somin, and Jiwoo, will release their sixth mini-album titled ICKY on May 23 at 6 pm (KST) through various music streaming sites. This comeback comes approximately 11 months after their previous mini-album, Re:, showcasing the group's confidence and pride in constantly challenging themselves to present unique concepts with each new album.

The title track, ICKY, embodies groovy sounds that amplify KARD's charm. It features an intense and sensual atmosphere that ignites passionate emotions and sensations between each other. With fresh beats, the members' vocals have deepened, creating addictive refrains. Member BM participated in the lyrics and composition, while J.Seph contributed to the lyrics, showcasing the group's enhanced musical capabilities.

The music video, released alongside the album, depicts BM, J.Seph, Somin and Jiwoo wandering through a maze-like space and Jiwoo immersed in a room filled with green liquid. It expresses the desire for inner freedom and a willingness to break apart even when experiencing fear at a dead end, portrayed through dynamic directing. The intentional distortion of everyday spaces adds a creepy atmosphere.

In addition to the album's title track, ICKY, the album ICKY includes various genres of songs. It features the refreshing tropical Latin sound and the members' smooth vocals in Without You. Somin and Jiwoo's unit song, Fxxk You, showcases their attractive Latin pop genre, while Been That Boy is a hip-hop song based on mombahton and trap, performed by BM and J.Seph. The album also includes the song Cake, where all members participated in the lyrics, portraying the passionate attraction between men and women. In total, the album consists of nine tracks, including remix versions collaborated with world-renowned DJs: Without You (Alok Remix) (Radio Edit), Oh NaNa (ASTER Remix) (CD Only), and Ring The Alarm (JERIDE Remix) (CD Only).

ICKY is an album that highlights the members' solid teamwork as they actively participate in the overall process, led by member BM's self-composed track. Particularly, KARD plans to showcase the intense and dynamic characteristics of a wildcard through their performance of the title track, ICKY. Just like the word "icky," which means a sticky feeling, they incorporate fluid movements and precise hand gestures to express their unique and carefree energy. The pre-release ICKY challenge video, revealed through KARD's official TikTok account, has already surpassed one million views, foreshadowing its hot global popularity.

ONEUS razor-sharp dance performances

The 'iconic 4th generation performer' ONEUS will once again show why it is an irreplaceable entity in K-POP with its razor-sharp dance performances.

RBW (KRX:361570) artist ONEUS (Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion) will release its 9th mini album 'PYGMALION' on various music streaming websites today (May 8 KST). This is the group's comeback in approximately eight months since the release of the group's 8th mini album 'MALUS' and just like the 'Pygmalion effect' that brings good results from good expectations and positive thoughts, the album's title contains the message of the group's intent to break free from the past and be reborn.

The album's title track 'ERASE ME' is an emo-pop song combined with the sounds of orchestra and EDM. The song starts off quiet in resemblance of the past with endless void and as the song progresses further, the melody surges and explodes like a supernova towards the end. The song features a strong beat that reminds the fans of the songs from the early days of ONEUS along with more mature vocals from the members of the group to make the song more addictive. This song announces the coming of the '42WORLD' which transcends across generations as the 4th generation group captures the sentimentality of the 2nd generation group.

The music video released with the song depicts the story of the members of ONEUS waking up their emotions deep inside and finding their true selves. After losing their liveliness under the pressure of conflicting emotions within, they bring warmth to each other's hands and step forward towards new hope. The detailed facial expressions and acting of the members in a minimum yet abstract space brings much immersiveness to the music video.

The 'PYGMALION' album also features five tracks in total consisting of 'Intro: LETHE', which expresses the perils of pain through a melody combining cellos and violins, 'Unforgettable,' which features a rhythmical sound that reminds us of our best days like in a movie, 'ECHO.' which features singing voices of the group's members as if they are whispering of love and 'Halley's Comet,' which expresses the faint memory of the moment when you fall in love. And Leedo was listed in the credits for the track 'ECHO' as he unveils his further developed musical talents.

'PYGMALION' is an album that shows the emotions and the process of overcoming hardships of ONEUS since making its debut five years ago. Especially, ONEUS intends to present such elements through their performance with 'ERASE ME' and to reaffirm their reputation as the 'iconic 4th generation performer.' The energetic group dance unique to ONEUS will feature a fatal and sexy choreography that will remind the fans once again why they are a group worth watching.

Meanwhile, ONEUS will release the 9th mini album 'PYGMALION' on various music streaming websites at 6PM today (May 8 KST) and begin performing live on the stage with the title track 'ERASE ME.'

XODIAC Concert in Amsterdam on May 30 2023

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd., an entertainment technology company with a global network that focuses on the application of technology and artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry, has recently announced a magnificent concert to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on May 30, 2023 in collaboration with the new-generation super idol group, XODIAC. XODIAC officially debuted on April 25, 2023 in South Korea, and the Amsterdam concert will be their first official group performance following their debut. The touring sponsor, Color Star, will also join XODIAC in bringing an exciting audio-visual feast to fans and audiences.

XODIAC is the first K-POP idol group created by OCJ NEWBIES, a rookie label under One Cool Jacso Entertainment. Their debut song, "THROW A DICE," which was released on April 25, 2023, quickly went viral on major social media platforms, and the 9 members of the group have skyrocketed in popularity. XODIAC had previously released their first pre-debut song, "CALLING," in March 2023, which already caused a sensation, especially with the announcement of their first 6 members, including the group leader LEX, Hong Kong member SING, and four Korean members HYUNSIK, WAIN, BEOMSOO, and DAVIN. The announcement of three additional members in their debut release, "THROW A DICE," including LEO from Hong Kong, ZAYYAN from Indonesia, and Korean member GYUMIN, also quickly garnered attention. On the day of their showcase held in South Korea, XODIAC met their fans through a YouTube live stream, marking their first interaction with fans worldwide, and their popularity has since soared.

The Amsterdam concert marks an important milestone for XODIAC, and the group is tirelessly rehearsing to deliver a spectacular performance. As the sponsor of the Amsterdam concert, Color Star places great importance to XODIAC's debut performance, which embodies the spirit of "ruling the stage from the start." Color Star plans to assemble its most professional and experienced team to arrange every detail of the concert. Color Star CEO, Louis, stated, "Color Star is delighted to be the touring sponsor of XODIAC's concert, and the first performance in Amsterdam will be very significant. With our extensive experience and resources in the concert industry, we will make the most of this concert to launch the Color Star Music series of events globally. This year is the year for us to revive our offline concerts, and we will ignite the public's attention around the world, while also gaining significant box office and commercial revenue.

About Color Star Technology Co., Ltd.

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: ADD) is an entertainment and education company that provides online entertainment performances and online music education services. Its business operations are conducted through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Color Metaverse Pte. Ltd. and CACM Group NY, Inc. The Company's online education is provided through its Color World music and entertainment education platform.