Lord of Dragons Mobile Game

Lord of Dragons Mobile Game

Korean Game Company, Sotem Mobile (CEO: Kim Min Seok) has announced on 20th December that 'LOD GLOBAL' (Lord of Dragons Global), a P2E MOBILE MMORPG GAME, begins its first beta test on 26th of December. Many projects within the P2E market have been plagued with sub-par quality games that are neglecting the golden rule of 'game must be fun to play'. Players opt to play various titles to simply have fun and relieve their stresses from daily lives, and many projects have simply chosen to ignore this crucial aspect.

Sotem Mobile's latest title, Lord of Dragons, is about to change this trend once and for all. Development studio has solid track records of publishing successful series of games such as "Dragon-raja (PC)", "Dragonica (PC)", "East Legend" and many more. This time, the studio proudly presents their Full 3D MMORPG, LOD, after 2 years in development. LOD is heavily focused on 'fun-to-play' aspect, rather than putting a sole focus on 'earn'.

By deploying multi-weapon system and 6 different attributes offer classic targeting-play method while 70 different transformable characters of different races to be available at launch, thus players are not only confined to play with characters of human race. Each transformable characters offer unique abilities and attributes based on their race while enabling users to utilize various synergy effects between their playable characters and transformable characters.

LOD's other strengths can be witnessed at its in-game economy where all manners of monetary assets are tokenized. Users not only require spending tokens on NFTs but also to buy consumables or other types of items at in-game environment.

This aspect sets LOD apart from other types of casual P2E game, where the in-game economy and ecosystem are much more complex while offering various opportunities for users to reap benefits, rewards and profits by playing the game. LOD's in-game economy is comprised of 'dual-token economy', and perhaps it is the very first P2E MMORPG that truly fits in such category.

Dual economic system creates a healthy P2E economic circulation. The LORT utility token will prime the gaming ecosystem while LOGT will further be used as a utility but predominantly for stabilization. All these tokens will work in tandem with the Unity 3D engine-powered gameplay for an immersive and fantasy mobile gaming experience.

Upcoming Beta test will be carried out from 26th of December 2022 to 24th of January 2023 in a form of 'Open Beta Test'. CEO Kim expressed his excitement that the company's venture into the P2E market is ready to be demonstrated to users around the world and expects many users to participate in the very first beta tests as well as to join LOD GLOBAL's vibrant communities and social media channels.

YouTube Stars Celebrated

YouTube Stars Celebrated

Seoul is a city with an emerging female talent community; the city is known for its beauty and championing of Korean fashion trends. You can meet young ladies who have become Korea's successful online stars here. In the world of YouTube, one person's success story has the power to inspire others to imitate their steps. Consider the following success stories:

Gabby Hanna: With nearly 5.5 million subscribers, Gabbie Hanna is a star on her own YouTube channel. Gabby has impressed viewers all over South Korea, from sun-drenched beaches to mountainous forests on the island of Jeju and beyond; Gabby's a runaway success story. Kim Ji Soo: One of Korea's most famous YouTubers, Kim Ji Soo, is a 22-year-old woman who recently made headlines for appearing at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Known for her quirky sense of style and adorable cosplays, Kim Ji Soo began her career as a teen on Vine, where she gained millions of followers by posting makeup tutorials and music reactions. She became one of Korea's leading vloggers before launching her eponymous YouTube channel in 2013.

Park Mi-Jung: Park Mi-Jung was born and raised in Seoul. YouTuber Park Mi-Jung was an outsider to the K-pop world. After receiving her first internet account at 16, she was quickly inspired by Korean pop stardom pics that reflected her daily life. Park Mi-Jung turns out to be the real deal, a girl with a passion for making videos and a genuine love for what she does. That's not all; consider Lee Joo-young: The celebrity vlogger Lee Joo-young has amassed over 4 million followers on her YouTube channel. Her latest video features 23-year-old Park Soo-Jung. Park posted a video of herself dancing around in a bikini and ended up shooting with the YouTuber sensation; the latter put her spin on several thrilling songs.

Jukki Han: And there's the story of Seoul's celebrated sensation, Jukki Han. Jukki rose from humble beginnings as a child prodigy who stole the spotlight at talent shows and the local theatre. She later achieved her dream of becoming a successful entertainer in the big city of Seoul. Then there's the "Flowerlip" story, the story of Yoon So-mi. Inspired by her country's beauty and culture, Yoon So-mi, popularly goes by the handle "Flowerlip;" she soon became an instant sensation. Yoon So Mi posts videos daily on YouTube; she gradually racked up over 2 million subscribers who watch her videos. The videos feature her trying various food products to taste if they are as good as advertised; the world is hers for the taking.

Park Sun Ah: In the last few years, YouTuber Park Sun Ah has amassed a massive following worldwide; she posted videos of herself dancing, singing and break-dancing. Her latest video features her taking on a dance challenge that leaves everyone in stitches; here's another of Seoul's female celebrities. And there's the story of the 18-year-old singer, YouTuber and model Gabbi Noriega. Gabby started as a dancer in the popular Korean variety show, Show Me the Money 10. She soon uploaded her version of "Through The Dark" by Mariah Carey on YouTube- it went viral and reached over 60 million views; it became her first hit song. After the song's success, Gabbi decided to make it the official debut track. Currently, her self-titled EP debuts at No. 2 on Billboard's World Albums chart, with sales exceeding 70K copies.

Poom Gwan: Poom Gwan is one of the most loved but controversial female YouTubers in Korea. The internet loves Gwan for her frank, sometimes contentious opinions about sex, beauty and politics. She's variously called an "angelic beauty" and a "fangirl goal;" she has amassed over 1.3 million fans on YouTube. What sets her apart is that she is a female who has broken boundaries and created a style of her own. She ranks among the most-watched female YouTubers in South Korea. From her early days in Vietnam to her journey of becoming one of Asia's top beauty channels with over 300 million views, we are honoured to tell Poom Gwan's story.

Missy Mae: The Korean-American actress, singer, dancer and makeup artist known to millions of fans as Missy Mae has made a name for herself on YouTube by sharing her personal and professional life. Her vlogs have become a cult sensation in Korea and around the world, with lots of followers across the globe.

Finally, consider the tale of 15-year-old Yulia Aksyonova; Yulia became an internet sensation thanks in part due to her knack for cooking and sense of humour. She's been featured by news outlets worldwide, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers.

2022 Metaverse Development Project

2022 Metaverse Development Project

Bibimble unveiled its latest metaverse platform, "bicus," a fully customizable metaverse browser developed with the backing of South Korean government, which is in the midst of an open development trial run ahead of its official launch.

The new platform - developed with the support of the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea and set up under the "2022 metaverse development project" conducted by the Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA) - allows users to create their own metaverse using its unique metaverse builder.

Its user-friendly and expandable features have caught the attention of private and government entities.

Creative users of bicus can set up their metaverse according to their specifics and design, uploading images, videos, 3D models, and various features within the virtual area. Users can also freely surf through other metaverses within the platform. Bibimble will be able to provide platform operators with constant updates of sustainable technical infrastructure that will provide a constant source of enjoyment for their users.

During its pre-launch trial run, Bibimble's bicus showcases an exhibition tool using metaverse scanning technology, which allows operators to create high-resolution 3D exhibits with a smartphone or a tablet PC, thus providing visitors with a realistic and immersive experience within the virtual world.

Bibimble demonstrated its technology to global theme park representatives at the 2022 Global Association for the Attractions Industry (IAAPA) Expo held in Orlando, Florida, on November 15-18.

Bibimble's COO Jun Young Bang noted "bicus" is ready for an official launch as a constantly updated platform service.

Dreamy Hallyu Amusement Park K-Wonderland

Dreamy Hallyu Amusement Park K-Wonderland

The Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (President JUNG Kilhwa, hereafter referred to as "KOFICE"), together with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister PARK Bo Gyoon, hereafter referred to as "MCST"), will unveil the world map of "K-Wonderland", a Hallyu theme park metaverse, on the global metaverse platform ZEPETO on the 14th (Friday).

"K-Wonderland" consists of spaces for Hallyu experiences and creations enjoyed on the metaverse platform that transcends the boundaries online and offline. With the theme of "Hallyu theme park where anyone can become a Hallyu star 24/7", K-Wonderland will offer a variety of opportunities to experience the Hallyu culture using the latest digital technology to people all over the world.

K-Wonderland consists of four main spaces with themes, such as K-Pop and Hallyu dramas. The spaces include "K-Wonder Castle," a space to welcome users, "K-Wonder Hall," which provides information on Hallyu events and introduces K-Wonderland, "K-Pop Stage" where anyone can experience becoming a K-Pop star on the music broadcasting stage reproduced as the actual one, and "K-Drama Studio", a space where users can freely create UGC(User Generated Contents) with the reproduced backgrounds of popular Hallyu dramas.

"K-Wonder Castle" is a space that users encounter first when they access K-Wonderland and Wonderland's official character "K-Wonder Stars" welcomes users. In the K-Wonder Castle, users can take rides, and take snapshots together with sculptures and architecture, which will arouse their interest. On the outdoor signboard of "K-Wonder Hall", introductory videos of K-Wonderland and major Hallyu events are played 24/7. Inside the space, it offers information on events, a guide on how to enjoy K-Wonderland, Hallyu-related events, as well as exhibitions related to Hallyu stars, and games. In "K-Pop Stage", actual music broadcast stages, practice rooms, and waiting rooms are reproduced, so users can experience becoming a K-pop star themselves. "K-Drama Studio", which is scheduled to be additionally open for service in November, recreates famous scenes from six popular Hallyu dramas to induce users to play various roles in dramas.

K-Wonderland generates a creative environment where users can make secondary creations on their own using personal avatars, rather than simply experiencing the metaverse space. It is expected to contribute greatly to Hallyu fans around the world becoming more familiar with Korean culture and voluntarily spreading it.

Through the shooting features provided by ZEPETO, users can record photos or video content of exploring and enjoying K-Wonderland and can make their own music videos and dramas using various spaces of K-Wonderland. Also, on the 18th (Tuesday), the popular K-pop group ITZY, K-Wonderland's official ambassador, will join the metaverse fan meeting held at K-Wonderland and actively communicate with Hallyu fans.

KOFICE President Jung Kilhwa said, "We expect that this K-Wonderland in combination with digital technologies will be an attempt to dominate a new content market in advance and expand Hallyu content for future generations."